About the album: Wes Wingate and Hilary Scott began working together in 2006 when Hilary Scott was one of the artists featured on the compilation “Million Dollar Bash”, (Missouri-based artists tribute to the songs of Bob Dylan). Wes Wingate had long admired the work of Bob Dylan and had the vision to bring many musicians together for this extensive project. Hilary’s contribution to the compilation was a version of ‘To Make You Feel My Love’, and after working together in the studio, Wes and Hilary decided to perform a duet together at the live concert releasing the CD. They performed Dylan’s ‘Oh, Sister’ and it sparked the idea to record an album of duets together. Both songwriters, singers, and musicians in their own right, Hilary and Wes have also been featured separately on multiple albums, have produced and co-produced many projects, and perform as soloists and members of different bands, touring regionally and internationally. Both count among their inspirations some of the great male-female vocal pairings such as Dylan and Baez, or more recently, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. With the concept of putting vocal harmony and lyrical significance at the forefront of their performance, Wingate and Scott moved forward by choosing a mix of original and cover songs. ‘Consonance’, the resulting album, is set for release in May of 2009. Songs include covers of Dylan, Ryan Adams, Colin Hay and others, and original songs written by Scott and Wingate.

Strong Language in Tracks 3 and 6.

About Hilary Scott: Hilary Scott tours nationally and internationally as a singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and violinist. Hilary weaves lyrical and musical tapestries with a raw emotional edge. Jeff Dame of Northeast In-Tune has said this about Hilary and her music: “Hilary has the potential to be as big as the likes of Alanis Morisette, Tori Amos, or Sheryl Crow. Listen to her now and you can ‘I’ve been in from the beginning.’ Hilary started her solo performance career in Seattle in 1999, but moved to Columbia, Missouri in 2000, where she formed The Hilary Scott Band. She and her band have toured the midwest and beyond, opening for artists such as Beth Orton, Jonatha Brooke, Little Feat, and Tanya Tucker. Hilary’s music is comfortably chameleon-like, inspired by a fresh and unique mix of blues, folk, rock, classical, and country. Comparisons offered when people speak of Hilary’s sound range from Joan Baez to Billie Holiday. This delicious ambiguity might result from Hilary’s various and sundry influences, which include Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Sarah McLachlan and Nick Drake. Regardless of this mix of inspirations, Hilary’s sound remains truly her own. Hannah Vogel of the Sandpoint Reader writes: “[Hilary] is uniquely herself, in her music and onstage. From coffee shops, to blues houses and festivals, wherever she goes, she and her music are genuine. It’s not often you meet a musician you might also like to have as a best friend.” In 2004, Hilary began working with Nashville producer Matthew Wilder to help carry her songs into the radio realm, releasing an EP entitled, ‘Out of the Wilderness.’ These songs have been well-received by both fans and radio. After receiving a copy of ‘Out of the Wilderness’, John Kulidas of WCSU (Chicago State University) said: “Hilary’s in our rotation and we’re definitely looking at her as an up-and-comer. Just the other day one of my colleagues was asking me, ‘where are all the Carol Kings nowadays’? Well….here you go!” After signing a publishing deal with Matthew Wilder in 2005, Hilary had the opportunity to write with ‘Nashville royalty’ such as John Goodwin and Angela Kaset, collaborating on songs that dip into different genres such as dance/techno, and pop. She is currently collaborating on a project with legendary songwriter, Keith Colley. In 2007, Hilary moved back to her native Washington State. Discovered on My Space by agent Vanessa Feltner of Premier Talent International, Hilary began extended tours overseas and has so far performed in Vietnam and Korea. Through PTI, Hilary will continue to balance overseas performance with touring in the US, and travels to the Midwest to perform with the Hilary Scott Band several times a year. Hilary also collaborates with other artists, such as the D’Alessio trio in Italy, and Wes Wingate of Hometone Records in Missouri. Hilary is signed to the independent label Belltown Records, and just released her 7th album, entitled Consonance, which is a collaboration with Wes Wingate, and a joint venture between Belltown Records and Hometone Records. Other Hilary Scott CDs include: Hypothermia, The Floating World, and Come In, Come In: LIVE, Out of the Wilderness, Road to Hope, and The Best of Hilary Scott Live Volume 1.

About Wes Wingate: In his lifetime, Wes has played with various music bands around the Mid-Missouri area. His first recording was with ‘Paradise Vending’ in 2000-2001 and then later joined ‘The Doxies in 2002, where they produced 4 albums: Tractor Crash —2002, Tinderbox Tragedy —2003, Weight of Gold —2004, In Search Of —2006. As one of his fans accurately stated on a ComoMusic review, ‘If the Doxies were The Eagles, Wes Wingate would be the Joe Walsh to the Henley and Frey of Tim Lloyd and Brent Maness. Or, since some of us consider the Doxies superior to The Eagles, you could say Wingate is the Harrison to their Lennon & McCartney…’ Wes wrote two songs on ‘In Search Of’: ‘Touch and Go’ and ‘War Against the Future’and co-wrote several songs on ‘Weight of Gold’ and a couple on ‘Tinderbox Tragedy’. In 2005, Wes released a solo record entitled ‘Love in the summer of Robots’. Wes, in 2006, produced a tribute to Bob Dylan with 33 different Missouri musicians doing 38 songs and that is where he first met Hilary Scott. Keith Fletcher, of ‘Mr. Fletcher’s One Man Blues Band’ had this to say about the Bob Dylan Tribute: ‘I just wanted to send out a personal “Thank you” for this project. Many, of Columbia’s best musicians and bands were represented in this event marking the release of an enormous recording project in which some 35, plus or minus, bands recorded Dylan tunes. There were Dylan renditions in every flavor from bluegrass and country to techno-rap. Of course there was a lot of great rock-n-roll. I hope you were there and did not miss this community wide musical extravaganza and celebration of the completion of this recording project. At the end of the night the stage filled with musicians in one big jam-along-with-Dylan grand finale’. It was quite a sight to see. There are a lot of people who helped make this project a success … fans, musicians, recording people, media people, venue people, etc. I probably don’t even know most of them but I thank them all. I do want to say a special thanks to Wes Wingate, the Producer. This was his idea and his baby.’ Later on, in the May of 2007 with his band ‘The Stingrays’, the album ‘Say Hello’ was released. Wes has since helped produce in 2008’s “Under the Yellow moon” by John Henry and the Engine (a band in which he also plays in) and is also playing with the band ‘The Hipnecks’. Wes is the Vice President of ‘Home Tone Records’ under which all of these acts perform, and now his and Hilary Scott’s upcoming new release, “Consonance”.

Fans love Consonance. Here are some of their comments:

“It takes a real artist with amazing interpretational skills to imagine the deeper possibilities behind the song, “Like a Virgin”. Madonna’s original recording was cute and a bit naughty. This version completely eclipses the original in my opinion. I found myself drawn in with it’s sincerity and innocence. This interpretation brought integrity and sweetness to this song—a far better, classier choice indeed. Somehow, within one listen you accomplished the impossible—you erased the original from my musical consciousness. What was once an irritating, somewhat juvenile song in my memory—is now a BEAUTIFUL song with emotional depth and maturity. And, such a lovely, lovely voice…”

“I just had a chance to sit down and listen to the tracks for the “Consonance” album by Wes Wingate and Hilary Scott. Wow…what a great collaboration. Their voices blend perfectly. Love their covers of “Dirty Old Town” and “Oh Sister”. My favorite though is “Back to the River”….just awesome stuff. I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from this powerful collaboration.”

“Love ‘Like A Virgin’, Fantastic Vocals Hilary, Fantastic instrumentals Wes. Cannot wait to put it on my Music Box, as I Think this arrangement far exceeds Madonna’s!”

“’Dirty Old Town’ is one fantastic song, my hat is off to all of You. Voices are just fantastic and the instrumentals are superb!”

“This is such great music you guys are producing and performing. So magnificent…incredible. The both of you together is so beautiful. I’m still blown away at how soulful and beautiful it is.”

“Love ‘Dirty Old Town’ great vocals and instrumentals, certainly worthy of a huge CMA award.”

“Wes and Hil…I had to come and listen to this wonderful combination of two terrific artists! I just love (and I mean LOVE) ‘Steal the world away’ and your version of Ewan MacColl’s ‘Dirty Old Town’…I know I’m going to be blown away when your CD comes out: because I’m blown away already!”

“’Oh Sister’ with Dylan and Emylou is such a classic I didn’t think anyone else would even dare… Not only did you guys dare to do it, you NAILED it! Awesome!”

“Wes and Hil…I just love this!!! This music is incredible and I keep coming back to this. Your voices together are sweet as wine. Incredible, just incredible guys…I can’t wait to the CD comes out!”

“Wow what a formula you two have… voices and playing blends into perfection. So looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you. Proud to be here! WTG Hilary and Wes.”

“I get lost in ‘I just don’t think I’ll ever get over you’ Hilary you deliver the emotion and then there’s the piano…”

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