Jenny Teator and The Fevers

“Making a play for most hot-blooded local LP of 2013, Jenny Teator and the Fevers’ self-titled debut is characterized by its soulful wails, big bedroom eyes, bigger hooks and flexible sonic attack. Delivered by a self-assured siren singer, the nine tracks here toe razor-thin lines between love, lust and hate, considering how emotions do or don’t get tangled up when bodies do.”
– Aarik Danielsen – Columbia Tribune

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january, 2021

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Columbia, MO

Jenny Teator,
Zach Harrison,
Cy McConnell,
Ted Paletta,
Rob Watson,
and Bradley Leatherman

Jenny Teator & The Fevers are an aggressive rock pop band with an affinity for groove. The Fevers formed in January of 2013 all connecting through the Columbia Missouri music scene. The background of the players come from rock influences with new interests in jazzier approaches. Originals consist of topics about love, sex, and struggling relationships with an attitude that delivers a strong message to the listener. Teator stomps and belts her opinions through song and has no problem showing attitude. The Fevers deliver a sexy, sultry sound with a twist of multiple pleasurable grooves to get you dancing.

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