Black Daniels and the Bears

“An old sound for a new day.”

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Kirksville, MO

Tyler Troutman,
John Castles,
Trent Dickerson,
Black Daniels,
and Thad Daniels

Black Daniels and The Bears are an American rock band formed in the spring of 2010 in Kirksville, Missouri. They started as an acoustic folk band with founding members John Castles, Tyler Troutman, Blaine Daniels and Luke McDuff. Soon, after writing a handful of original tunes, the band found themselves searching for a bit more. Later that summer, Thad Daniels entered the band as the full time drummer. Not long after Thad joined, another new face emerged. Mike Tripp, bass player, found a home in the music of Black Daniels and The Bears. With the addition of a drummer and a new bass player, Black Daniels and The Bears took on a new sound entirely. Sticking to their roots of blues, folk, bluegrass and rock, the band wanted to keep the “old sound”, but put a modern twist on it.

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